The Burden! Photography by Polina Tomilova

A KALTBLUT exclusive photo shoot which tells a story about a mental state of each artists. It’s about the state of inscignificance of everything that you do, about a particular moment of self-destruction and a feeling of devastation. But in the end you’re not able to breath without this feelings, eventually you accept yourself and put on this state like clothes. Photography by Polina Tomilova. Model is Mark Berne. Clothes designer and stylist Max (is irrelevant).

Polina: I​’m glad to work with people who expand their understanding of shooting, creating with a more global and strong message. Every human who made a shooting with me opened the door to his perception of our world and I’m supremely confident that this process can already be considered an ART. In the future I want to move away from any frameworks, make something outside of them and be understandable to others meanwhile. My dream is to develop and unite art-people from different sphere and create something together.

Max:​ ISiRRELEVANT brand has a postgender philosophy so I’m trying to help Russian young people to think more bravely and confidently for our future. Also it’s a researching about the next generation who should never hear about ill-treatment to LGBTQ. It’s a kind of way of escapism which include performance art and fashion.

Mark: M​y target as an artist is to express my own feelings and emotions. Sometimes people forget that each person is unique has their own experience.
In our work, we tried to share a moment which is familiar to all creative people. The experience of our shooting is an attempt to realize each other’s feelings.

Photography by Polina Tomilova / Instagram: @ph_dunno_

Model is Mark Berne / Instagram: @mark_berne

Clothes designer and stylist Max (is irrelevant) / Instagram: @is_irrelevant