The business year

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and Creative Direction by Fernando Guimeráns. Design and Styling by Diego Reis. The models are Eugene Sin and Río Marbán. Make up by Nerea Urionagüena. Casting Direction by Laura Soutullo. Set Design by Tomás Lillo and Fernando Guimeráns.

“I’m Fernando Guimeráns, a young Galician 26 years old. I was born in a small coastal town in the province of Pontevedra and I moved to Ourense to study photography and now graphic design.
Since I was very young I had clear that I was interested in this world of art and design, and although I decided on these studies, in particular, I am also passionate about many other branches of design.

For this editorial, I worked with Diego Reis, a fashion designer and a very good friend for many years!

Diego Reis is a young Brazilian designer based in Galicia and the creator of his personal brand “Reis Silva”. He studied fashion design at the EASD Mestre Mateo in Santiago de Compostela and his professional goal is to create slow-fashion collections stripped of gender stigmas. He tries to draw inspiration from everything that surrounds him -his experiences, family, culture or friends- to create his creations, seeking to provide unique and personal designs.
This particular collection is inspired by the pockets of the military uniform and the office uniform and seeks to represent from a sarcastic point of view the telework that many people have had to do from home during the pandemic.

The collection “The business year” starts from the circumstances we were living through after the pandemic of the COVID. Teleworking became our daily life and this made us enable a corner of the house to turn into our office. This project aims to reflect that space of the house that has ceased to be so to become a hybrid of our office, but also in our dining area, leisure … as we spend all our time in the same place. In a place where technology predominates, and with a dystopian vision, virtual reality glasses make the experience of confinement different.

The photographs were taken at CERTO Store, a local store of Mid Century furniture and decoration, unique vintage pieces, crafts and contemporary design.”

Photography and Creative Direction by Fernando Guimeráns / Instagram: @fer.guimerans
Design and Styling by Diego Reis @reissilva_
Models are Eugene Sin / Instagram: @eugenesin_ / and Río Marbán / Instagram: @river_space /
Make up by Nerea Urionagüena / Instagram: @nereaurio /
Photographer Assistant by Juán Ferradás / Instagram: @black_mamba_photo /
Casting Direction by Laura Soutullo / Instagram: @volveralazul /
Set Design by Tomás Lillo / Instagram: @_tomasesquerdo / and Fernando Guimeráns / Instagram: @fer.guimerans /
Set: Certo / Instagram: / /

Brands used are Reis Silva, Dr Martens, Marco Valenza, Commodore Treviera
Instagram name of each brand: @reissilva_ @drmartensofficial