The Chanel Project

Photographer Chiara Seta and team made this fashion shooting as a tribute to Coco Chanel. Models are Riccardo di Giulio, Francesco Chiulli, Veronica Palestini. Make up by Valentina Gatti. Styling by Federica Mazzioli. Hair by Gaia Tirabassi. A KALTBLUT exclusive. The central theme of the project is precisely Coco Chanel, the most famous designer in the world, celebrated as an icon that marked the 1900s fashion.

“Perscicacious and enterprising, she knew how to contribute magnificently to the emancipation of the woman revolutionizing the concept of female elegance and how to look and liked. She managed to join the need for comfort with the sober and linear style creating the first Tailleur in 1919, this is because she claimed that “true elegance cannot disregard the full possibility of free movement”.

So with the model I wanted to represent a chanel icon, dressing it the same clothes you first designed.

“Black is everything. As well as white. Their beauty is absolute. It is perfect harmony. “

This sentence encloses the idea that Chanel had harmony, composed of colors that were completed and also gave a great charm to her collections.

So I got the idea for the two models that literally represent white and black. While on the one hand we have the woman with the trousers, on the other we have a man who takes her femininity of her.”

photography by Chiara Seta / instagram: @seta.chiara_ph
model one is Riccardo di Giulio / instagram: @skinnylegendaf
model two is Francesco Chiulli/ instagram: @velipex
model three is Veronica Palestini / instagram: @veronicavache
make up by Valentina Gatti/ instagram: @dalilanderis
stylist is Federica Mazzioli / instagram: @federicamazzioli
hair styling by Gaia Tirabassi/ instagram: @_lemonhair_

brand used are: zara @zara/ zara man @zara/ djw clothing @djw_collection/ max mara vintage @maxmara/ mango @mango