The contrasts of the paper city

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial from Poland. Photography by Karolina Orzechowska. Model is Klaudia Sadłowska. Makeup & hair by Marta Beczek. Styling by Katarzyna Bukowska.

“I am Karolina, a photographer from Poland. I designed and realized sessions in a very characteristic district of Gdańsk, in the lower city. It is a place very close to the locals, quite closed despite the fact that with great artistic flair, I chose this place in the contrast of the paper city and housing estates, buildings straight from the catalogue where social and neighbourly relations are very rare. Now, after these several weeks of closing, it seems very important.
The model is Klaudia Sadłowska, stylist Katarzyna Bukowska took care of styling from the Polish designer Joanna Malecka, Marta Beczek is responsible for makeup and hairstyle.
I created a very local product, in its sound, however, contrasting with what I found, despite the fact that this is where it comes from. Given the current situation in Poland, it is hard for me to completely escape the divisions introduced here. Photos seemingly absolutely do not talk about it.”

Photography by Karolina Orzechowska

Model is Klaudia Sadłowska

Mua & hair: Marta Beczek

Stylist: Katarzyna Bukowska

Adrianna Kunikowska