The Cultural Connection: Liu Lee

Liu Lee, a multifaceted artist hailing from Seoul, South Korea, embodies the roles of a vocalist, electronic musician, and DJ. Drawing inspiration from the pulsating beats of 90s Techno, Electro-Clash, and Breakbeat, she fearlessly expresses her artistic narrative. Her inaugural release, the Jasmine EP, left an indelible mark with its raw and provocative style. Exploring the thematic realms of “sensuality and knowledge,” Liu has fervently delved into defining her musical trajectory. Liu Lee persistently forges new avenues, inviting femme Asian artists to explore and redefine the music landscape.

Read our interview with Liu Lee as part of our #TheCulturalConnection series below.

KALTBLUT: The theme of your EP is “sensuality and knowledge”. What made you choose these themes, and how are they coming across in the EP?

Liu: When I created the work, I intended it to feel like dancing with my eyes closed in a club, and I thought that sensuality was an energy that came naturally from within me, not something that was meant to be seen by others and that the gesture should be based on knowledge. I wanted that to be the theme that my music conveys.

KALTBLUT: You’re aiming to usher a new sound in the South Korean and Asian music landscape. What are the reactions you’re getting to your releases?

Liu: Up until the last EP earlier this year, my music was centred around a deconstructed club sound. In fact, in Korea, the pop genre based on K-pop is mostly consumed, so my music feels bold in contrast. It was definitely better received in other Asian countries than in Korea, so I was able to travel and perform in many countries this year. With this new single, I’m experimenting with different things. I can’t wait to see what the reaction will be.

KALTBLUT: How would you compare the Western music scenes to the one in South Korea?

Liu: I’m excluding K-pop culture from this discussion. South Korea is a very small country, and the local scene isn’t very developed, except for Seoul. Compared to the Western scene, the culture here is very subtle. However, it is very strong and fast. There are a lot of possibilities, but I would like to see a little more culture that is unique to Seoul.

KALTBLUT: How would you describe your EP and your style?

Liu: Until this EP, I wanted to present bold and unconventional visuals, but from now on, I want to present comfortable sexiness and tell a more honest personal story of a woman.

Stream Liu Lee’s single “Byuljari (Star Sign)” here and follow her Instagram @l.i.u.l.e.e to keep up with upcoming releases.

Cover photo by @i_throw_up_my_intestines.

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