The Cultural Connection: Zoe Wees

The German singer-songwriter Zoe Wees has stolen many hearts since her debut single “Control”, which was released a little over three years ago now. Since then, Wees has released a critically-acclaimed EP, toured in Europe, the UK, and the US and performed on the Late Night Show with James Corden. Just last week, she shared her latest release “Don’t Give Up”, a groovy feel-good anthem that invited you to dance along with its striking drum line and Wees’ soothing vocals.

KALTBLUT caught up with Wees as part of our #TheCulturalConnection series. Read the interview below.

KALTBLUT: Tell me about your latest release

Zoe: My new song “Don’t Give Up” has just been released, and I’m really excited about it! I feel like this song shows a different side of me. Despite its sad theme, it’s an upbeat and hopeful song. Whenever I feel low, listening to the song instantly lifts my spirits. I hope it has the same effect on others. Writing the song was a lot of fun, and meeting Norma [Jean Martine] for the first time was such a nice experience. We had a great time!

KALTBLUT: What kind of cultural and/or musical influences were you inspired by when writing/recording this release?

Zoe: We initially wrote this song for a DJ, but I decided to release it myself. On the day we wrote it, I was inspired by a range of emotions and tried out various melodies until we found the right one. When it came to the lyrics, my biggest influence was the feeling of being young and new to the music industry, with all the high expectations and pressure that can make you want to give up. But this song is a reminder to myself that giving up is not an option.

KALTBLUT: How would you describe your sound?

Zoe: I would describe my sound as sad pop, but always hopeful.

KALTBLUT: How does culture/your surroundings/society intersect with your creative work?

Zoe: I believe there are many people, especially young women and girls, who can relate to the emotions that I write and sing about. Many of them feel the same way and struggle with the same things. That’s what motivates me to keep going and to be honest about my feelings in my songs. Reading all the positive comments on “Don’t Give Up” has been a really nice experience, especially since I hadn’t released a song in five months. It’s moments like these where I feel loved.

Stream Zoe Wees’ latest single “Don’t Give Up” here and follow her on Instagram at @zoe.wees to keep up with upcoming releases and tour dates.

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