The Fantasia Cycle

“The Fantasia Cycle” is a stunning project by Munich based artist Jens Moiré. The entire series consists of eight outfits, eight photos and eight videos. The looks were created by stylist Lorand Lajos. Model is Maximilian Rossi, Hair & Make-up by Gaby Pachmayr.


Fantasia (the inside)

“The ‘fantasia’ is a musical composition with its roots in the art of improvisation. Because of this, it seldom approximates the textbook rules of any strict musical form.” – For this very reason I applied this concept of composition to photography and videography. 

_MG_1987_Rahmen _MG_1892_blue


_MG_1672 _MG_1536


He plays with different roles and sceneries, with a transgressive aesthetic, in which the mystical, the occult and the elegant are mixed with each other. Yet he hides his face constantly to take distance from his own self. He does it for the following reason: the photos are exaggerated and represents delusions, the videos represent the liberated meaning.

_MG_1449 _MG_1154

Fantasia No.III: Lucilia


Styling: Lorand Lajos
Hair & Make-up: Gaby Pachmayr
Model: Maximilian Rossi
Photography, Videography, Music: Jens Moiré


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