The geometry of life

A KALTBLUT exclusive from Poland. Photographer is Ola Otko. Model is Aleksandra Woźniczk. Makeup by Natalia Sobierajska. Stylist is Martyna Regucka. Designer (colorful coat) is Weronika Kołacz.

“The session show that life cannot be crammed into patterns, it does not remain black or white, it is far from being zero-one, it cannot be described in a single sparkle. The photo session shows order in the everyday chaos, separating shapes from the chaotic cacophony, it shows in a grotesque way that life can be dressed in a unique geometry. I am a photographer from Poland who is in love with shapes, colors and fashion.” *Ola Otko

Photographer is Ola Otko / @bajolaa
Model is Aleksandra Woźniczka / @alwaysbealex /
Makeup by Natalia Sobierajska / @vibrissaa_
Stylist is Martyna Regucka / @martynaregucka
Designer (colorful coat) is Weronika Kołacz / @werrornika

Other brands that are pictured are:
Zara, Calzedonia, Nasty Gal, LIARS&LOVERS, ASOS, LAMODA, H&M, Reserved.