“The Grace” – GEGEN002

Oliver Deutschmann / La Fraicheur & Leonard de Leonard

With the second vinyl release of its new record label venture, Gegen showcases two staples of the Berlin club scene. On the A side, Berghain regular DJ, acclaimed producer and multi-label founder Oliver Deutschmann brings his signature sound of hypnotic “8-AM-on-a-Sunday” big room techno. “Wach” (awake in German) has the kind of sound that builds on layers upon layers of skillfully designed drums. Release on 22.01.2021.

On the B side with “Roadkill”, Gegen’s own residents La Fraicheur & Leonard de Leonard come up with a moody track carrying a weird combination of gritty and dirty synths with spacious sound design that make you wonder if you didn’t get thrown off the side of the Milky Way by a boisterous clunky spacecraft on its last leg.

On remix duty, Gegen is playing with its italian roots in its choice of two newcomers: Mar/us and WarinD. Making his producer debut with this remix, Mar/us, another Gegen resident, is coming in strong with a harmonic tear-jerker full of pads oozing with 90’s influences and whose melancholy is balanced out by a martial groove.

As for WarinD, he completely flipped the original on its head and swapped the moodiness for a kick-heavy hard-hitter adorned with ethereal dissonant synths and brand new vocals.

“Rise my soul, rise through the flame and the ash, rise through the waters
that fill the spaces under your arms as the crawl towards your throat.
Rise and find the Grace, for it is all around you.”
-Tyler Knott Gregson-
“The Grace” : Artwork by Andrea Galad

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