THE HABIT by Bakhirka Apparel

Bakhirka Apparel presents a project for the new THE HABIT drop. It was shot on film in western Ukraine by the duo of art and fashion photographers – Synchrodogs. The message of the collection is to live and breathe in nature, where clothes become an organic part of the surrounding world. Katya Bakhirka, founder and designer of the brand explains:

“THE HABIT drop was created to heal and slow down after the pandemic. We were forced to stay in our habitat – whether it was natural or unnatural for us, we had to find comfort in where we are now. The idea of this collection is the habit to wear weightless, comfortable clothes and do not feel it on your body. To achieve that we used natural fabrics such as linen, structured and soft cotton, muslin and viscose. This time I worked with deadstock fabrics that I could find in Ukraine to keep it sustainable, to minimize the shipping dilemma and carbon footprint.”

The designer came up with the idea of creating a brand by exploring her identity, her inner self. While travelling in South America, Bakhirka met the indigenous tribes of the Amazon, who shared an everyday life routine and let her participate in shamanic rituals of the tribe. The girl realized that there was no need to define who you want to be. Everyone should know they can be anyone they want. These views have formed the core of Bakhirka Apparel label.

Through colour, the designer explores the difference between world cultures: black and white are deeply rooted in every culture but can have very different meanings. For example, in Christianity, white is associated with peace and purity, and black – with death and fear. In Hindu culture, white is worn by a widow in mourning, but in other nations, it can also symbolize innocence and wisdom. At the same time, black can mean absolute values, constancy, eternity. Katya Bakhirka adds:

“We use monochrome colours in our design. You can look and feel different in the same outfit, depending on whether it is white or black. You define it yourself. The colour symbolizes only your perception- how you feel, your attitude, and yourself. We’ve added khaki and camel to emphasize “down-to-earthiness” of this collection.”

Following the idea of conscious consumption, the designer creates capsules that can be mixed both in the city and in its surroundings. The new THE HABIT drop features kimonos with signature snakes embroidery, light shirts, tunics, loose trousers, handmade jewellery, silk scarves, and underwear. The designer also presents a limited collection of handmade silver jewellery with natural pearls. In this way, the brand supports and promotes the importance of women’s craftmanship. Part of the revenue Katya donates to the Deep Forest Foundation to strengthen the indigenous tribes, preserve their traditions, and protect their native lands.

THE HABIT collection is available on the website.

Bakhirka Apparel

Photo: Synchrodogs @synchrodogs_official
Style: Olaa Zhyzhko @olaazh
Hair: Julia Stets @stetsjulia
Make up: Yulya Zalesskaya @yulyazalesskaya
Photography assistant: Marko

Starring Igor Blues @ Boys Boys Management @bluesigor 
Tanya Churbanova @ Number Management @tanya_churbanova
Dora Kostina @ Cat-b Agency @dorakostiina

Botanical props design: Pepperose Studio
Casting and production: baby production @baby___prod
Assisted by Liza Parsentieva @tera.liva