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The Journey by Tobias Birk Nielsen

Tobias Birk Nielsen is a menswear fashion designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and founder of Native Studio. He made a video for his collection “The Journey” together with When Saints Go Machine and moviemaker Philip Peng Rosenthal. Camera assisting Charlotte Ea Jørgensen. Model Noah Syrkis. Music When Saints Go Machine (Warner Music)


Tobias Birk Nielsen: “Inspired by modern arabic culture disseminated through especially islamic architecture, I build up a collection to be shown at the Copenhagen fashion week ss15.

the_journey_by_tobias_birk_nielsen_photo_charlotte_ea_jørgensen_model_noah_syrkis15 +
the_journey_by_tobias_birk_nielsen_photo_charlotte_ea_jørgensen_model_noah_syrkis14 +
the_journey_by_tobias_birk_nielsen_photo_charlotte_ea_jørgensen_model_noah_syrkis13 +
the_journey_by_tobias_birk_nielsen_photo_charlotte_ea_jørgensen_model_noah_syrkis12 +
the_journey_by_tobias_birk_nielsen_photo_charlotte_ea_jørgensen_model_noah_syrkis11 +
the_journey_by_tobias_birk_nielsen_photo_charlotte_ea_jørgensen_model_noah_syrkis10 +

The thoughts and fundament for the collection came to me after at visit at “Det arabiske nu”-exhibition at Louisiana Museum of Modern art in the spring 2014, and basicly I wanted to explore the rich arabic aesthetics and build and strong and young identity for a modern arab unit.”

the_journey_by_tobias_birk_nielsen_photo_charlotte_ea_jørgensen_model_noah_syrkis6 +
the_journey_by_tobias_birk_nielsen_photo_charlotte_ea_jørgensen_model_noah_syrkis5 +
the_journey_by_tobias_birk_nielsen_photo_charlotte_ea_jørgensen_model_noah_syrkis4 +
the_journey_by_tobias_birk_nielsen_photo_charlotte_ea_jørgensen_model_noah_syrkis3 +
the_journey_by_tobias_birk_nielsen_photo_charlotte_ea_jørgensen_model_noah_syrkis2 +

Video credits: +
The Journey by Tobias Birk Nielsen. Photography & cut Philip Peng Rosenthal. Camera assisting Charlotte Ea Jørgensen. Model Noah Syrkis. Music When Saints Go Machin (Warner Music)
Editorial credits: The Journey by Tobias Birk Nielsen. Photography Charlotte Ea Jørgensen. Model Noah Syrkis.