The Moon is not for sale 

A lab of anarchic investigation. The matter in full vibrancy.

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography & Art Direction by Rocio Chacon. The model is Silas. Sculptures by Charly Blackburn. The Moon is not for sale – A lab of anarchic investigation. The matter is in full vibrancy.

While exhausting the resources on Earth by scrapping the surface and mining the depths of the planet, the foreseeable end of these resources brings big corporations and governments to look at outer space as the next material land to colonise.

But what if we look at the material world as vibrant, what if we see materiality as vital bodies too?
Can we mould a different understanding of things so we can break with binaries of life/matter, will/determination, and organic/inorganic?
Can we overcome the hierarchies that consider non-human bodies as inferior so we can find a more ecological perspective of this world as a whole?

This story is inspired by the work and research of artist Charly Blackburn @churlyblurnburn

Photography & Art Direction by Rocio Chacon / / Instagram:
The model is Silas signed at / Instagram: @silas.gc
Styling and MUA by Silas / Instagram @silas.gc
Sculptures by Charly Blackburn / / Instagram @churlyblurnburn

Rocio Chacon is a professional photographer and a trained dance artist. Her photographic practice evolves around polarities. It is anchored in a quest for precision and subtlety and inspired by her passion for movement. In her personal artistic projects, she brings attention to aspects of human and non-human subjects that are beautiful but often overlooked or taken for granted. The viewer is softly guided to consider a different perception of reality. This personal aesthetic pursuit leads to new techniques and experimental interdisciplinary collaborations, which Rocio then adapts for the focused briefs of her commercial work.

Charly Blackburn is a ceramicist and material explorer seeking to reconnect people with the politics of mineral extraction. She does this by exploring themes of ecology, overconsumption and the pressures of our technological demands on the earth and its inhabitants.

Blackburn aims to discover new behaviours and chemical reactions from firing clay alongside other raw materials found on the Earth’s surface, reactions which mirror the societal and ecological brutality of present and future mining practices.

Silas Grocott Cain is a multidisciplinary artist developing first and foremost as a dancer and performance artist. In their own words, ‘I have so many interests that it becomes hard for me to define myself; I see myself as a visual artist, filmmaker, stylist, and more. I am creative in every sense of the word, if I want to create something I will find a way to do it.”