The moon was right

A KALTBLUT exclusive. ‘The moon was right’ is the first collaboration between photographer Giulia Gr, make-up artist Astrid Mogren and model Josey Heyes. The creative process stemmed from a collaborative and open dialogue on set – ideas were proposed, considered and selected depending on the comfort and vision of each individual.

Giulia Gr (she/her) is a Berlin based visual artist. She mainly works with photography, video and self-portraiture. Identity, sexuality and intimacy are at the centre of her personal research. Astrid Mogren (they/she) is a creative and makeup artist based in Berlin. Their work is inspired by their own experience of the queer community and queer love.

Josey Heyes (she/her) is a British/Spanish performance artist and model based in Berlin. Currently navigating through an existential crisis while embodying a clown and developing experimental music.

Photography and styling by: Giulia Gr / / Instagram: @__slicemenice
Makeup and hair by: Astrid Mogren / Instagram: @astrid.mogren
Model is: Josey Heyes / Instagram: @joseyhys

Brands used are Bimba y Lola  @bimbaylola / Giorgia Andreazza  @giorgiandreazza  / Katie Shannon x Climax  @wasserbebei1 / Lupae  @lupae / Nike  @nike / Vintage pieces.