The Passenger Seat 

The Passenger Seat is a work created by fashion photographer Julie Vielvoije and stylist Bernadette van Wijlen. The car, a Volkswagen Karmann Gia from 1964 is from the collection of air-cooled VW museum ‘De Wolfsburcht’. A KALTBLUT exclusive. Brands used are Maje, Burberry, Ganni, Sandro, Totême, Isabel Marant, Furla, Camperlab, Moschino and Maison Margiela.

Julie Vielvoije is a Dutch fashion photographer. Since her grandfather worked as a photographer too, cameras were always around in her childhood. That’s why she chose to study Photography at Willem de Kooning Academy. During this study, Julie went to Paris to study at the Paris College of Art. This is the place where her love for fashion photography developed.

The choice of fashion photography was a well-made decision. In this area, she can express her creativity and be in control of the topic at the same time. Julie loves to create images with vibrant colours and flashy lights. She gets the most energy from shooting on location and will never skip a thrift shop to find new gems to use for the next photograph.

Bernadette van Wijlen is a stylist & visual production designer for photography and video. A background in Graphic Design provided her with an abundance of visual viewpoints, but it wasn’t until her internship at a photography studio she discovered her love for styling. Naturally commercial, Bernadette decided to study Lifestyle & Design at Willem de Kooning Academy to further develop her creative and conceptual skills. She graduated from researching symbolism around props in 17th-century Dutch painting.

Today, Bernadette is all about producing and styling accessible, commercial projects. She works in both fashion and the production of stills. A pragmatic and structured force, Bernadette is at ease overseeing and creating projects for magazines and brands. As long as everything comes together on a shoot, she’s a pleased creator. In her work, Bernadette communicates in colour and form, often based on a graphic line pattern. This trustworthy visual partner is happiest working on small and larger scale projects in the style of popular high street brands.

Photography by Julie Vielvoije / / Instagram: @julievielvoije
Styling by Bernadette van Wijlen / / Instagram: @bernadettevanwijlen
Car by Museum for aircooled Volkswagens ‘De Wolfsburcht’

Brands used are Maje, Burberry, Ganni, Sandro, Totême, Isabel Marant, Furla, Camperlab, Moschino and Maison Margiela.

Instagram name of each brand: @majeparis @burberry @Ganni @sandroparis @toteme @isabelmarant @furla @camperlab @moschino @maisonmargiela