The Soul Has No Gender

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photographer Loreen Hinz captured a bunch of models – Karina @ Major Milan, Aline @ 2Day Milan, Jay @ 2Day Milan, Laetitia @ Boom Models Milan, Jenny @ Elite Iceland, Gabriel @ Major Milan, Giannis @ Major Milan, Johannes @ Major Milan – for us. The Collage-Gender-Story is styled by Silvia Ortombina @ Sihan. Art Director/Collage by Christian Ruess. Hair and make up by Daniela Rotaru. Styling Assistant: Laura Marquez, Ekin Güler

the-soul-has-no-gender_hinz_ruess-(17) the-soul-has-no-gender_hinz_ruess-(15) the-soul-has-no-gender_hinz_ruess-(13) the-soul-has-no-gender_hinz_ruess-(11) the-soul-has-no-gender_hinz_ruess-(10) the-soul-has-no-gender_hinz_ruess-(9) the-soul-has-no-gender_hinz_ruess-(8) the-soul-has-no-gender_hinz_ruess-(7) the-soul-has-no-gender_hinz_ruess-(5) the-soul-has-no-gender_hinz_ruess-(1)


Photographer: Loreen Hinz
Art Director/Collage: Christian Ruess
Styling: Silvia Ortombina @ Sihan
Styling Assistant: Laura Marquez, Ekin Güler
Hair+Make-up: Daniela Rotaru

Karina @ Major Milan
Aline @ 2Day Milan, Jay @ 2Day Milan
Laetitia @ Boom Models Milan
Jenny @ Elite Iceland
Gabriel @ Major Milan, Giannis @ Major Milan, Johannes @ Major Milan

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