Dress: Meiyu Song Earrings: Meiyu Song

The Visible Spectrum

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Photography by Vivi Suthathip Saepung. Models are Miriam Oneill and Luke Cowman. Styling by Alice Secchi. Makeup by Ayşe Gönen. Hair by Yuho Kamo.

Coat: Stina Randestad
Shirt: Vintage D&G
Socks: Topshop
Shoes: Tara Lombergar
Accessories: Vintage

The Visible Spectrum juxtaposes from a spectrum of visible lights: rainbow and the diversity of sex determination. This project represents the matching colour of garments, makeup and background with non-binary models.

Dress, Tights: Natsuki Hanyu
Shoes: Nadij
Accessories: Vintage

Top: Stina Randestad
Shoes, Tights: Natsuki Hanyu
Gloves: Harmony Jewellery
Thong: Wonderbra
Bodychain: Topshop

Top and Pants: Henna Malan
Shoes: Nadij
Tights: Harmony
Accessories: Vintage

Dress: Natsuki Hanyu
Jewellery: Vintage
Shoes: Tara Lombergar

Photography by Vivi Suthathip Saepung / www.viewzfinder.com / IG: @viewzfinder
Stylist: Alice Secchi / www.iamaliceice.com / IG: @iamaliceice
Makeup Artist: Ayşe Gönen / IG: @ayse.mua
Hair Stylist: Yuho Kamo / IG: @Yuhokamo
Models: Miriam Oneill / IG: @miriam_oneill_
Luke Cowman / IG: @luke.cowman