Theo & Louie! A Fashion Film and editorial.

A KALTBLUT exclusive. “Theo & Louie” is a road film/editorial about two European men who run away to pursue their intimate freedom. It’s about independency, self journey, adventure and liberation. It’s a visual poem envisioned from the idea of “Thelma & Louise” but portrayed as the actual original story. The video and editorial has been created by the creative boutique Mamma Soup.  Pepe Villaverde the film creative director has been globally working for clients like Diesel, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas and deBijenkorf. Regina Sepp the film director’s work have been published at SHOWstudio, Fucking Young!, Minimalzine, Volt Magazine and screened at international festivals. Models are Gillis and Martijn from Elite.

Creative Director, Story By, Executive Producer: Pepe Villaverde / / Instagram: @pepevillaverde

Film Director, Story By, Producer, Editor: Regina Sepp / / Instagram: @reginasepp

Produced by: Mamma Soup / / / Instagram: @mamma_soup

DOP, Editor: Andrea Casetti / / Instagram: @casecase88

Stylist: April Jumelet / / Instagram: @apriljumeletstyling

Photographer: Marco Meazza / / Instagram: @marcomeazza

Cast: Gillis and Martijn from Elite / / Instagram: @mmaiwald @gillisdewit

MUA: Bastien Zorzetto / / Instagram: @bastienzorzetto

Colour Grading: Captcha! / / Instagram: @captcha_amsterdam

Sound: Hendrik Saare /