Three Colors – Calmness, Eroticism, Melancholy

For Pawel Uniatowicz aka Papu Rapu, color is one of the most relevant visual stimuli, even though color perception differs individually. He likes conscious play on shades, saturation and brightness of picture color pallet, as well as using different kinds of film, often years past its expiration date, or even different development processes and scanning techniques. 


The „Three Colors – calmness, eroticism, melancholy” series contrasts warm reds and yellows with cold blues and greens. Every picture has a defining color motif, but combinations of colors, as blues with yellows, are important visual impulses. I wanted to show some colors less aggresively, hense at times given them less saturation, while others highly contrast through their high brightness. The series builds ambience by color, and it’s reception depends only on the viewer.