To the stars

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial from Yalta. Photography by Olesya Lickona. Model is Veronika Dubas. Clothes by DOBRI RANOK. ” My name is Olesya Lickona and I am a photo artist from Crimea, also based in Kyiv, Ukraine. I am in love with the light, so I try to carry it through the image.  Warm or cold, hard or soft, the light catches a moment and tells us a story.”

Oppressed by isolation, I went to the village to express my stormy feelings into the shot.
What do I want?
To touch the sky, to breathe the air, to feel the light on my skin.
No more treat.
This shooting is about human, who rose up to the roof to be closer to the stars, as it possible

Photography by Olesya Lickona / / Instagram: @lickona_lickona
Model is Veronika Dubas / Instagram: @srana_kvitka

Designer is Mikita Bezdoganov / Instagram: @mikita_bezdoganoff
Clothes by DOBRI RANOK. @dobri_ranok