Tomas O. by Luz Soria

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photographed by Luz Soria, Styled by Iván Hernández and Model is Tomás Deias Spreng. “Tomas is one of my favourite persons in the World, from one of my favourite valleys in the world. We are from the same small town, now living in the same huge city. Tomas is love, is passion, is hurricane, is volcano. Sometimes he is able to handle it. Sometimes he is not. This shoot is about Tomas. Tomas when he is not. When he is something else. When he is Tomas O. Medicine gave him this drug. O. In some way his salvation, his pause. For a while. We started this shooting with another idea, maybe as an innocent game, but this concept came out so evident. Look at his eyes. Look at his skin. Those plastics that envolve him, deform him, protect him. That prototypical face, and his face. That crown. As he could be the king of his world. And he’s not. And he actually is.”