Top Practical Tips for Buying & Wearing Men’s Socks

Although socks have a relatively simple role in your life, there are definitely ways in which you can upgrade how you wear them. Plenty of men have shown they struggle in choosing the right socks to wear from their own collection, by their appearance. In fact, even just buying socks that fit well and add a reasonable amount of flavor to your style can be a somewhat complicated process. That is, only if you let it get that far.

One of the things many men overlook when buying and wearing socks is their anatomy. What is meant by that is all of the elements of a sock that comprise different areas of the legs and feet when being worn. It is important to choose socks for casual and dress wear that adequately fit you based on the anatomy of your legs and feet. That way you can get sufficient wear out of your socks.


Types of Sock Length

As you may know, there are several types of socks available for you to buy, but they all have different style purposes. They consist of ankle, mid-calf, and knee-length socks, considering the only length, according to Details Magazine. It is worth noting that each sock type is most practical when worn appropriately for convenience and style rather than mixing them around with any kind of outfit, for any reason. It’s important to not only look your best but feel your best, too.

For instance, ankle socks should be limited to wearing them when one partakes in physical activity, such as sports or workout sessions. Mid-calf socks are great for wearing with outfits suited for going to work in as well as for enjoying casual activities outside of work. They can help you avoid flashing your ankle skin at your workplace, which can be distracting. When it comes to knee-length socks, most manufacturers do not make these kind of socks anymore. Yet if you do set your eyes on a nice pair while shopping, know that they are really useful for wearing during the winter time, by adding warmth to the leg region.

A Few Sock Rules

There are a few fashion rules you should follow regarding what kind of socks you wear and how you wear them. They are quite easy to remember, and can spare you from wearing socks in a distasteful way. A few of them are listed below courtesy of AskMen.

+ As with ankle socks, white socks should be worn only for sports or workout activities. White socks are very useful for wearing when engaging in strenuous physical effort since they allow for greater breathability when sweating than darker socks. On the other hand, white socks stick out too much when worn with dressy or casual attire. Even wearing them with jeans is not ideal.

+ When it comes to choosing the right color of socks to wear, make sure you coordinate your socks with your pants, not your footwear. The reason for that is because coordinating socks with pants makes your outfit appear more consistent, that is, if you have to take your shoes off. Otherwise, your ensemble will look somewhat disorganized.


+ Avoid rolling or folding your socks. Doing otherwise makes your ankles look bulky and your outfit appears sort of messy. That is especially the case when wearing pants that are slim-cut. Go for wearing your socks pulled straight up for a nice and lean look in the ankle area.

+ Love wearing socks with shorts? Well, think again. It is a very common mistake to wear socks with shorts, but they can make your legs look shorter and stubbier, especially if you are short in height. Also, you should avoid wearing socks with sandals, although sandals can look great with shorts.

With those stylish tips, you cannot go wrong. Do not be afraid to get creative.

Buying the Best Quality of Socks

There are some other essential tips you should keep in mind for buying socks of superb quality. They are notably helpful for buying high-end socks, such as VKNagrani men’s designer socks. They are outlined below thanks to Business Insider.

+ Know exactly what it is you’re looking for in socks. In order to effectively do that, you need to determine what kind of problems you have with the socks you currently wear. For instance, do you need extra padding, warmth, or moisture control?

+ Be willing to give up extra money for better socks. For example, socks that are of a nicely woven wool or are of a synthetic fabric generally cost more than slim cotton socks. Of course, you should only advance your sock game within your budget and a little at a time if necessary.

+ Don’t be scared to play around with the color of your socks. Beyond strict situations of attire, such as with business meetings and funerals, you can opt for a variety of color with your socks. Just make sure you choose socks with colors that complement your overall ensemble; be deliberate.


Search local stores or the Internet for the kind of socks that fit all of your requirements. This process may take quite some time, but it is definitely worth it in the end. You can end up having wonderful pairs of socks that are comfortable and fashionable. Enjoy using the tips!