Toy Soldiers.

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Marcelle Adrianna. Styling by Mariam Taiwo Sonekan. Hair and make up by Nusirat Sonekan and Hannah Chambers. Models are Dom Burnside, Julianna Veenis, Malachi and Saul. The concept of ‘Toy Soldiers’ is based on the idea of having to grow and mature when you can still have a child-like mindset inside. The idea of the norms of the world makes you lose your creative child-like imaginations.

The colours in the backdrop represent imaginations and child-like thoughts but the model’s seriousness represents the reality of life. Some of the models’ poses will show an idea of the younger self as sometimes we try to be imaginative but her face may show otherwise as she realises it’s easier imagined than done.

Overall, having to grow up, but your younger self still wants you to dream, almost like a battle between both. The ‘toy’ stands for ‘fake’ (living the life you don’t want to) and the ‘Soldiers’ stand for the number of us that have the mindset (we all eventually have the same routine every day).

Photography by Marcelle Adrianna @celliie

Styling by Mariam Taiwo Sonekan @mariamtaiwosonekan

Models are
Dom Burnside @lindenstaub @bunsized
Julianna Veenis @lindenstaub @juliannaveenis
Malachi @menacemodelmanagement
Saul @menacemodelmanagement

HAIR & MUA: Nusirat Sonekan @ns_touch
Hannah Chambers @hhbeauty_official

Stylist Assistant Valerie Riabko @__iamvalerie

Photography Assistant Tabitha Odutayo @designbytabi

Brands Used Are:
Shek Lung @_shekleung/ Rag and Bone @ragandbone/ Epithuxik Harmonie @epithuxikharmonie/ Henna Malhan @hennamalhan/ Jenn Lee @jennlee_official/ Jenn Lee @jennlee_official/ Jimmy Choo @jimmychoo/ Michelle Lowe Holder @michelleloweholder/ Jope Schneider/ Petja Zorec @petjazorec/ Palm Angels @palmangels/ Merve Bayindir @mervebayindirofficial/ Friederike Stanitzek @friederike_stanitzek/ Junli @junliofficial/ BB Smith @bbsmithhh/ Tamar Keburia @tamarkeburia/ Naya Rea @nayarea/ Anciela @anciela_london/ Sebastian Martin Couture @sebastianmartincouture/ Formes @formes_/ Christoph Ritter Studio @christophritterstudio

Mariam Taiwo Sonekan – Creative Director and Stylist 

“A dreamer. I spend my days daydreaming about almost anything, it could be a scene from a movie, a page from a magazine or a lyric in a song.

Creative direction and styling is my way of communicating my thoughts to the fashion industry.

I have styled for brands such as Superdry and Lipsy, but one of my favoured things to do is put fashion pitches together which tell a story often from a memory. “

Marcelle Adrianna – Photographer

“Working with companies like Ted Baker, Swarovski, French Connection and more over the years as a commercial photographer, graphic designer and retoucher. I have brought that expertise, strategic process and attention to detail to my clients and the results are amazing to witness.

To take a clients vision or idea and build a visual identity out of it, to tell a brands story through intentional design and beautiful imagery?

The process, the collaborations, the passion… it’s magic and it’s where my heart is at.”