Track Premiere: Bungalovv – ‘Last Video Call’

With the upcoming EP Visited by Strangers on Shanghai-based label Genome 6.66Mbp, Pablo Betas returns to the melodic roots of his musical practice as Bungalovv. The release’s introspective, even tender, sound marks a shift away from the aggression of his previous work, while retaining the cinematic flair and painterly texture that have become trademarks of the Argentinian musician’s sound. ‘Last Video Call’ offers a glimpse into the upcoming EP, in which tremulous strings cascade over each other into a tidal wave of bliss.

The sky is turning to red now as they said.
In less than one hour there will not be electricity on Earth. All our devices will turn into useless, soulless plastic shells.
U suddenly think about her.
Where is she now?
When u decided to be so far from each other?
Call her. before it’s too late.
blue lights and beeping sounds, this might be your last videocall.

Composed during the pandemic, Visited by Strangers is nevertheless decidedly collegial, with four of its seven tracks being (remote) collaborations with other artists . Notably, it includes Bungalovv’s first-ever tracks to feature guest vocalists, and the release is also strewn with field recordings sent from a friend who was under lockdown on an Argentinian peninsula.

Press photo by @anqelznevrdie

‘Visited by Strangers’ will be released March 31st: