Track Premiere: Delagoon – ‘Time’

Stockholm doesn’t necessarily come to mind as the first port of call when thinking about all things underground and punk. Enter Swedish outfit Delagoon. Easy on the eye with their boy band looks, Delagoon simultaneously embody a demeanour that screams a depressive nonchalance. And yet there is an earnestness in their music and lyrics that belies their seemingly indifferent disposition. A meld of scuzzy 60s, 70s rock, a la The Stooges et al, New Order-esque synths laden evocations of 80s post punk with the creative breadth of The Cure ensures that the group evade the oft inevitable pigeon-holing.

Hot on the heels of ‘Shimmering’, ‘Time’ is the second single from their upcoming album. The former (a collaboration with a fellow musician Groovy Nickz from the Stockholm underground punk scene and band Dolores Haze) is a slower, softer, synth-driven melancholic pop gem. ‘Time’ on the other hand showcases their expansive musical taste and capabilities. The artists are clearly adept at crafting that effortless delightful nugget of chugging dirty guitar riffs that saunter along with the percussive urgency, complemented by understated vocal howls. Here’s to a first listen and look at ‘Time’, a video curated with an appreciation for all things dark, moody and stylish – just how we like it.

Filmteam: Anna Klara Söderberg, November Ember Festival and Johnny Brott

Editing: Axel Dagman