Track Premiere: HEART TATTOO * by a sensual nymph

For their new single HEART TATTOO, Livia Rita metamorphosises into the sensuous nymph Enchant Sangia. HEART TATTOO will be released alongside bespoke ArtFashion pieces and a creature game card.

Heart Tattoo is a queer love spell. Nested in the sensory swamp of desire, love grows like fungi. In this sticky world, queer love is bodied forth by shared gazes in the deep night. Heart Tattoo reverberates in idealism. Cosmic alignments bend what we think we know about falling in love. A celebration of love not just for humans but for ecospheres, planets, and cosmologies. Heart Tattoo invites you to share a kiss with another being. Love gathers meaning. Love is creatural. Love is sinuous. Merging saccharine lyrics, whimsical vocals and latex ArtFashion, Livia Rita’s Heart Tattoo dares to beckon and delight in the folds.

Listen to the song:


About Livia Rita

Livia Rita is an alpine witch and soft nature creature based everywhere between the alps and London. They sing, choreograph, design and create visuals and films, devoted to testing out forms of progressive change. Their mystic eco-pop melodies have expanded into the bountiful conceptual debut album, FUGA FUTURA – to be released on 7th October – a place of healing through dark fantasy, where nature rebels and magic abounds in an attempt to unite otherworldly bodies. In Livia Ritas work, humans shed their humanness to become something creatural: everything she creates responds to the lively nature of interdependent beings, and creating is her way of meaningfully interacting with her ecologies.

Livia Ritas vision for sound offers an intuitive, sensual odyssey towards something more alive, more hopeful, than our current state of things. Blending elements of electronica and pop with an avant-garde aesthetic, her music is at once an invitation to intimacy and a call for utopian disruption. This genre-defying sound runs riot between magical synths and dreamy vocals.

Their output includes performances, Art-Fashion, dance and lively ephemera, such as the FUTURA SPELLBOOK and CREATURE METAMORPHOSIS game cards. Livia Ritas work builds towards queer mythology; fantasies are moulded and shared; identities shift and shimmer. Nature is central to Livia Ritas craft: her relationship to it is one grounded in curiosity, wonder and speculative care. By engaging with both utopian and dystopian visions, Livia Rita nurtures the weird – the otherworldly – in all of us. In her practice, she pursues deeper climate awareness by placing emphasis on otherness, highlighting the strange beauty of the other-than-human.


Heart Tattoo ArtFashion look photos
Photographer: Roxy Hervé
ArtFashion by Livia Rita