Track Premiere: josef plus – ‘GibberiSh’

josef plus is a new act from Atlanta offering a unique perspective of romance. A devoted follower of minimalist and surrealist techniques, josef explores the experimental attributes of many contemporary genres; by basing his writing in mystery or poeticism, he stems from the soul, hoping to offer a new experience to listeners through art. 

GibberiSh is a song about the distance that grows when the mind and heart are on different pages and the mind won’t succumb to the enigmas of the heart it can’t comprehend. A fight fought far too often because it’s our nature; we all clamour to know rather than just living and letting knowledge naturally find its way too us. We research things and places and people to understand them and to some degree, it’s shaped how a lot of people love: in a way that is more interested in thinking you know someone than actually being with them.