Track Premiere: Lalume – ‘Storms’

‘Storms’ is the brooding, synth-lead gem from Berlin-based Norwegian/Australia duo Lalume. With Auri’s family background in classical music, and Ola’s in production gear and vintage synthesisers, the two create a patchwork of styles and eras, weaving classical vocals, poetry and mythological elements into electronic beats and catchy synth-pop melodies. With almost no budget Lalume were able to gather a team of creatives to work with them on their project, “Lalume is a project built from love, everyone involved has generously given their skills and time to help us grow and we hope to be able to pay them back one day.” 

Storms was written after a series of tumultuous relationships when some of the men I had been involved with started behaving in ways that could only be described as crazy and I started to question whether I was somehow conjuring up this craziness just by existing. I put the blame on myself for their peculiar and inexplicable behaviour, which is something I think many women do.. until I realised that it was actually crazy for me to take responsibility for another persons inability to cope with their own feelings of intensity. It reminded me of all the stories of women who were burned as witches because they aroused a desire or an intense emotion in a man.. she must be in collusion with the devil right! They don’t burn women anymore but they still shame them for arousing anything they don’t want to take ownership of.

– Auri