Track Premiere: Parzubanil feat. Endgame – ‘Bellaqueo’

Parzubanil: Photo by Cristina Kompanichenko

Sacrilejio label boss and 21-year-old DJ and producer, Parzubanil, presents No Pares, his debut label release and first (micro) EP due to be released May 12th. Taken from the upcoming EP is 808 hard bass heavy ‘Bellaqueo’ featuring London-based producer and DJ Endgame. There are no orthodox influences, just dancehall and —for the outro— RKT grooves, saturated reggaeton drums and techno-tension synths. In the same way, this cut simmers around a vocal reprise of ‘bellaqueo’, the object A of the song.

Parzubanil says, “‘Bellaqueo’ is an industrial dancehall from the ‘Id’, breathes over distorted reggaeton drums and a vocal atmosphere of a reggaeton classic acapella. For me, it expresses the implicit negotiation of the desire, the plus-de-jouir in the dancefloor and the wine of the delight; an “arts erotica” of the dancing.” Endgame adds, “[‘Bellaqueo’ is] a mutant club track emerging from a hellish rave nightmare”.

Parzubanil is a 21-year-old peruvian DJ and producer. Explores contemporary club music, from sudamerican club sounds to rough percussion from around the world. It’s involved in constant exploration and musical permutation. He also runs ‘Sacrilejio Records’.

Endgame: Photo by Laurence Von Thomas

Endgame is a London-based producer and DJ. Known for his industrial perspective of music from genres such as reggaeton, dancehall and grime. Involved in the creation of the renamed collective Bala Club, ENDGAME has now begun a new chapter spearheading the label Precious Metals.


No Pares will be released May 12th via Sacrilejio Records
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Cover Art: Gómez, A. (Asdrúbal). (2022). Unnamed. [Courtesy of the author]