Track Premiere: Roz Yuen – ‘Confession’

Berlin-based vocalist, songwriter and music producer from Melbourne, Australia, Roz Yuen releases the ethereal electro-pop single, ‘Confession’, taken from her forthcoming EP. Engulfed in catchy melodies and rich textural soundscapes, whispered conversations with an ex-lover create a melancholic atmosphere as Roz takes the listener on an emotional journey. “It’s a risk leading with a minimal, softly spoken and slow moving track,” explains Roz on the single, “Silence is part of its sound. Too pop for some. Too deconstructed for others. Either way, living in Berlin has made me braver about putting it out there.”

Roz’ creative projects are contemplative and draw heavily from her experience living in various cities including London, Melbourne and Berlin. She tells stories about the characters she encounters; the city’s natural rhythm and flow, and the sounds that create its atmosphere.

Since moving to Berlin, she has deepened her interest in electronic experimental music. Attending various immersive and audio-visual festivals and events has inspired her to make music that is more daring and surprising. As she moves forward as an artist, she continues to explore generative music techniques, mangling and manipulation of field recordings, experiment with multi-layered vocal processing and fuses this with her abilities as a popular music composer and performer.

In 2016, Roz Yuen also co-founded Melbourne music community, Beat Collective, which provides artists with a platform for professional, creative and personal development via live performance showcases, an online TV/Radio show, collaborative synth jams at the Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio and fortnightly beat cyphers.

In 2017, Roz Yuen was awarded an Ian Potter Cultural Trust arts grant to develop her skills as a music producer in Berlin, in recognition of her commitment, passion and promise as an Australian emerging artist.

Roz’s forthcoming EP ‘Confession’ is deeply intimate and contemplative; inspired by her memories of London, composed in her hometown Melbourne and fully realised in Berlin, where she is now based.


Artwork: Marice Garcia-Rosell
Photography: Colette Pomerleau