Track Premiere: Saccades – ‘Early Rise Again’

Nicholas Wood is a Berlin-based musician who’s best known for making up one half of the well-known synth pop/post punk duo The KVB. During a break in The KVB’s busy touring schedule, Wood spent the summer of 2016 working on a solo album under the moniker of Saccades. With the debut self-titled LP due for release July 28th on Fuzz Club Records, Wood is now sharing the brilliant second single ‘Early Rise Again’ – a bright, sun-drenched psych pop reverie that places Saccades leagues above the rafts of diluted Tame Impala rip-off’s that loosely throw around the term.

Saccades marks a completely new creative direction for Wood – ditching the dark, almost industrial post-punk synths of The KVB for a dive into wholesome and totally immersive psychedelic pop. He explains that “the solo stuff I was making for the last couple of years had mainly been dark, experimental electronic stuff, but I started to grow tired of making that kind of music and I just had this urge to make something more song-based and ‘classic’ sounding”.

Recorded and produced by Nick himself, the twelve tracks on the album see him take a much more melodic, guitar-based approach. Serving up a vivid, immersive combination of jangling reverb-drenched guitars, hypnotising bass lines, vintage 60s synths, minimalistic percussion and dreamy echoing vocals. Recorded using an old Tascam tape recorder, there’s a warm lo-fi feel to the record that manages to make the songs feel even more euphoric than they already are.

Prior to moving to Berlin, Nick used to reside in Southampton and he explains this move helped to shape the sound of Saccades: “As well as being quite nostalgic, I would say Saccades is quite a pastoral album – there are a lot of references to sea and nature. I think that this comes from growing up on the South Coast of England and now living in a city like Berlin, which is pretty far from the sea, with lots of industrial decay.”

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