Track Premiere: SangLien feat. Dale Randolph – ‘A Little Darkness’

SangLien’s latest downtempo electro offering ‘A Little Darkness’ (feat. Dale Randolph) conjures up an ethereal, otherworldly soundscape of musings. These elements form a space in sculpting a layered architectural sound vortex. A melancholic desperation in the vocals hints at something gone awry. The emotional immersion is felt in the depths of the tonal urgencies. As Dale Randolph elaborates, “The song is about realising that you’re not immune to depression. It feels like during your 20s something changes and the pressures and expectations of life become heavier.” These signal the universality of contemporary life experience in the West, and indeed, the millennial struggle.

From faraway Sydney, SangLien works with the familiar sounds of the electro world but manages to do so with depth and intrigue and has certainly been busy with his output. If previous efforts are anything to go by, there is an audio connectivity running through his work with experimental modes to keep the music evolved and interesting. Immersive sound dreamscapes seem to be SangLien’s forte and we are not complaining.







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