Track Premiere: Satin Jackets – ‘Mirage’

‘Mirage’ is the new single from German producer Tim Bernhardt, aka Satin Jackets. Released this November on Eskimo Recordings, ‘Mirage’ continues Bernhardt’s winning streak that has made him one of the hottest nu-disco/house producers around, clocking up more than 20 million plays on Spotify alone in the past few years.

Following on from this summer’s Nordic-themed hit ‘Northern Lights’, Bernhardt has once again looked to Scandinavia for inspiration. “I think this might be the hookiest track I have made so far,” explains Bernhardt. “But then you start looking for the best possible topline which, of course, can be like searching for the Holy Grail, but on a trip to Stockholm, at last, it all came together. BOOM! You can definitely hear the strong Swedish pop influence in it. I can’t wait to see how people will react to it.”

Built upon a gentle bed of bubbling synths, delicate guitar licks and laidback beats ‘Mirage’ is classic Satin Jackets, the song’s beautiful melodies the perfect setting for the bittersweet lovelorn lyrics that tell of a moment of self-realization at the end of a relationship. It’s fair to say that heartbreak has rarely sounded so good.