Track Premiere: Sedric Perry – ‘Naked’

New York native Sedric Perry has seen himself flit between LA and NYC at the other side of the Atlantic, to finding himself a current fixture on the Berlin circuit as Europe beckoned. He says, “Having consistent Berlin sessions has really opened up my style – I’m blending more house with hip-hop and pop now, where before I feel like I leaned more towards pure soul/RnB. I’m definitely enjoying being influenced by Berlin culture.” Thus, making for an exciting addition to the German capital’s music landscape.

Aptly titled ‘Naked’, (visually speaking to Perry’s own body positivity and comfort in his own skin) his new single seeks to press on the carnal lust one discovers on the dancefloor, where two potential lovers meet for the first time and there is no need for words. Here, funk soul vibes meet dance house elements, a marriage in audio hybridity. Influences of being in Berlin can be heard in Perry’s style whilst encompassing a borderless, nostalgic feel. The RnB dulcet tones of his vocals exercise a smooth restraint, juxtaposed with the angular jaunt when the beat drops, or as Perry puts it, “It’s a euphoric bounce”. Perry will look to follow up ‘Naked’ with more singles in the not-too-distant future, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!


Photography by Agatha Powa