Track Premiere: Shaun J Wright & Alinka – ‘Time And Attention’

Less talk, more action: Heidi invites the formidable collaborative force of nature that is former Hercules & Love Affair vocalist Shaun J Wright & Berlin based American producer Alinka to Jackathon Jams for a dangerous, dark and driving all-night session that she describes as “fierce, sexy and forward-thinking.” Coded deep to the very core with their native Chicago house DNA, each track from their soon to be released ‘Time For Action’ EP, sparks with innovative soul but rumbles with precision crafted elements that have shaken warehouses for over 30 years. Weighing in at a generous eight tracks, ‘Time For Action’ is powered by the current political and social movements that we’re witnessing. Standout track ‘Time And Attention’ instantly hits with Shaun’s iconic harmonics and set the scene for Alinka’s groove to gradually build into an immaculate jack that bounces so infectiously you’ll require attention.



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