Track Premiere: UNDERHER feat. Neev – False Promises

UNDERHER presents False Promises, an EP that touches on the slow, sensual tales of heartbreak. “It isn’t what you say, but how you say it. What you mean. How you act. Complex rhythms sounding like the feeling in your chest when you find out your lover has been unfaithful.” The chilling voices of Neev, Liz Cass and Octobers Child add a sweet sincerity to the dramatic compositions of Montreal-born, Berlin-based Khaled Bess, better known as UNDERHER, and together create the three tracks that make listening to the False Promises EP so worthwhile. Today we present the first of these three on the title track which features vocals from the talented Scottish-born, London based Neev. False Promises is out January 31st on Solomun’s 2DIY4 imprint. You can pre-order it here.

A never ending struggle between wants and needs, and the heart and mind: this is the core of UNDERHER’s soul. Dark, twisted fantasies meet a controlled reality, wherein one must reflect, obsessively to say the least, over thoughts of love and possession in the depths of their secretive mind. UNDERHER is a sensual electronica/techno act created by Kalden Bess, now on a solo mission since May 2019 and ready to unveil a new beginning.