Tristan Ginger by Christina Higham

Tristan Ginger works as a burlesque performer performing internationally and brings character moments into his photos along with his twist on gender. A Femme Fatale with a beard. As a photographer, Christina is narrative driven, unplanned and spontaneous. She has a background in fine arts which gives her a natural inclination to be more adventurous and boundary-pushing while still drawing inspiration from classical photography from the early to mid 20th century.

“This collection of photos is from collaborating together over a seven month period. It’s the new age Twiggy and Richard Avedon, a great relationship between model and photographer that have each brought their own uniqueness into the studio creating some dynamic photos. This is summed up quite well in the church photo, where Christina was inspired by the light and architecture, bringing in Tristan to add a touch of humour and a provocative dimension.”

Photographer: Christina Higham of Click Flash Photography
Model: Tristan Ginger
Instagram: @tristanginger