TTSWTRS presents the fashion film “Mission”

Despite a bunch of scenarios for future development, we are absolutely confident that the Earth is safe. TTSWTRS fashion film MISSION is a reflection on the idea of intergalactic journeys. When one day humans take a trip to another planet and get back to the Earth, they will realize — this is the best place to live. 

It’s not our mission as a brand, it’s our mission as a species. These words leave plenty of space for interpretation. Don’t let the interpretations mislead you. Your passion for change makes all the difference.

A deep love for Nature gives us the courage not to quit our big mission. TTSWTRS mission is sustainable growth in peace for each individual. Mission in mind, in heart, in actions. Mission with which we are all born, but not everyone has enough energy to handle it. We feel your uncertainty. Only a path with heart and courage will dissolve fears and bring happiness to your being no matter what the future obstacles are.”

TTSWTRS created “Mission” with the motion design boutique Massa + (Eugene Lekh and Eugene Pylinsky), produced by TRI. DirectionUkrainian directors group. Together the team moved towards cinematic aesthetics and frame construction so that the viewer could get a kind of a “cinematic experience” feel that the story and the picture are quite realistic, although they are not devoid of fiction and remain fantastic for the time being.

The video music featured the Ukrainian electronic duo Wavewalkrs. The soundtrack emerged from the impression the video left and enhances the concept and ideas TTSWTRS wanted to transmit through the video. 

When developing the video, the leading technologies for creating “digital clothes” were used. For the team, it was the first experience of working with a digital artist. The artists were given the patterns of all the clothes that were selected for the video, as well as real samples of clothes so that they could closely examine all the lines,  prints,  pockets,  zippers, etc. and transfer them to the virtual world as accurately as possible. After that, digital clothes were put on virtual models, seated and adjusted as in real life. 

TTSWTRS fashion film “Mission” shows the power of imagination and thought — the brain knows no boundaries between reality and imagination. 

TTSWTRS “ MIssion” film is the Little life story about humans who enthusiastically came back after the intergalactic trip to the best planet in the galaxy – EARTH. The partnership with Parley for the Oceans and eco-friendly marketplace Truesy will give us the chance to solve environmental problems such as ocean pollution, the development of  technologies to plastic biodegradation and stop animals suffering. 


TTSWTRS (which stands for TATTOOSWEATERS) is a Ukrainian-based brand that was created back in 2013 as a creative project of designer Anna Osmekhina, a former costume designer and stylist. The brand already has 14 collections and more than 17 sales outlets in 12 countries. Brand’s DNA is the abundance of beige imitating naked skin, basic colours, and tattoos. Anna Osmekhina works with emerging and established global tattoo artists to create the designs on the apparel. Grimes, Nina Kravitz, Irina Shayk, Kourtney Kardashian, Sita Abellan, Nicky Minaj, Lisa Owen, Tommy Cash, Lena Perminova, and many others wear TTSWTRS. Such magazines as Forbes, Dazed, Metal Magazine, Hypebae and many others wrote about the brand.