Tumulto & Lady Maru – Concrete Talk – A Music Video

“Concrete Talk”, Tumulto’s debut single produced by Lady Maru is out now! And you want to know the best thing about it? Its Music video. The video, all written by Tumulto himself,  is very dreamy, totally burlesque and is taking you through berlin nightlife with Tumulto encounters.

You can also purchase the song HERE

Video Credits:

Starring Tumulto, Martini Cherry, Annalisa Martini, Bana Banana and Clash.
Cinematography – Albrecht von Grünhagen – www.gruenhagen-camera.com
Editing – Marc Baumgarten
Artistic Supervision – Edwin Brienen – www.edwinbrienen.com
Make-up – Maike Oberhoffer – www.dasauge.de/-maike-oberhoffer
Holographic Print Jacket by Larry Tee at TZUJI  – www.shop.tzuji.com
Polar Bear Costume by Daphne Röder – www.daphnespiegel.wordpress.com

Special Thanks to Jolanda Kempers, Ivo Hofsté, Sebastian Lee Philipp, Valerie Renay, Ralf Empl, Stefan Reck at Südblock and the lovely ladies at Checkpoint & Cinema.


Instagram: @riccardotumulto

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