Twins by Maria Kokkinou

Maria Kokkinou is a photographer based in Athens. Kokkinou is fascinated by the world of fashion photography as seen by a more artistic view. She likes experimenting with forms and shapes, trying to combine odd parts in order to create a whole. This has lead her into creating her last project entitled “Twins” in collaboration with two very creative spirits Stella Panagopoulou and Valisia Gotsi the owners of the fashion brand 2WO+1NE=2 who created these beautiful dresses especially for the photo shooting.

“Constantly, we find ourselves subconsciously imitating the gesture, the posture, the speech pattern, or the attitude of someone else. This photoshoot is all about this kind of behaviour, the “mirroring” that knows no time nor space. It may goes unnoticed but it will never stop from happening. It’s the eternal illusion.”


Instagram: @marielleko_