UGG® x ALOK’s URSeen Collection Illuminates Pride 2024

UGG® has joined forces with the iconoclastic comedian and author ALOK (they/them) to co-create the URSeen Collection for Pride 2024—an exuberant homage to the LGBTQ+ community. With roots in safe-space storytelling, this Southern California-based global lifestyle brand renews its commitment to making self-expression comfortable for all through profound partnerships that uplift the voices within the community.

The campaign celebrates the diverse energies of German, French, and UK LGBTQ+ talents. Featuring Lynks, John and Chiyo (The Divine), Stephanie (Switchboard LGBT+), Giselle Palmer, Ysel (Mag Jeunes LGBT+), Hungry, and Stella (Body Language), the initiative captures the essence of Queer Charities and Queer Nightlife. Together, they create a mosaic of empowerment and collective visibility.

ALOK poignantly shares their vision: “My childhood was about hiding myself, having to cover up, disappear, to not draw attention to myself. So, so much of what I was trying to do in this collection with UGG is to take something audacious like courage and put it into a platform shoe and bodycon dress, so that when people are feeling a little timid, putting on these pieces can give you that sense of power.”

Beyond the confines of June, UGG® continues its philanthropic efforts by donating $50,000 each to pivotal organizations: Switchboard LGBT+ (UK), Mag Jeunes LGBT+ (France), and GLADT (Germany).

The URSeen Collection is now available for purchase at, UGG® stores, and select wholesale retailers nationwide. Campaign photography credit: Steve Marais (he/him)

About ALOK

Alok Vaid-Menon (they/them), author, poet, comedian, and public speaker, delves into trauma, belonging, and the human condition through their signature mixed-media artistry. ALOK’s literary works “Beyond the Gender Binary,” “Femme in Public,” and “Your Wound, My Garden,” have garnered global recognition. Their dynamic presence has captivated audiences in over 40 countries, with sold-out shows at venues including Edinburgh Fringe Festival and London Soho Theatre and headlining numerous Just For Laughs Festivals.

In May 2024, ALOK is slated to take centre stage at the Netflix is a Joke Festival. The docu-short “ALOK,” which made its debut at Sundance, follows ALOK’s compelling performances in the films “Absolute Dominion” and “Complicated Order,” coupled with their roles in television series like “SORT OF” and “Planet Sex with Cara Delevingne.”

ALOK’s relentless advocacy for LGBTQ rights and the dismantling of traditional fashion norms have garnered them accolades including the ACLU Centennial Bill of Rights Award. As the visionary behind #DeGenderFashion and the C, Their leadership is paving the way for a fashion industry that celebrates unbridled personal expression, championing a culture of inclusivity and the celebration of unique identities.

About Lynks:

Cult sensation in London’s underground music scene, named ‘one to watch’ by Kerrang!, The Guardian, Attitude Magazine, NME, Loud & Quiet, DIY, Time Out, Jack Saunders, Huw Stephens + Elton John. Their legendary live show has graced sold-out venues across the UK, most recently transforming the main stage of Latitude Festival into a queer dystopia of electro-punk excess.

About The Divine:

East London’s newest Queer bar, drag hothouse, LGBT+ performance venue and nightclub was created by the same team as the recently closed venue, The Glory (led by Johnny Woo and John Sizzle). The Divine employs around 25 members of staff, as well as hires a wider pool of LGBTQ+ set designers, technicians, poster designers and stagehands. Most of The Divine’s bar staff are creative professionals studying fashion, art, photography theatre or dance.

About Giselle Palmer:

Giselle Palmer, AKA Giselle Revlon, first got in touch with the Paris ballroom scene in late 2013. She debuted in the premier French house, Xclusive House of Laduree, firstly as a MC before turning to performance a year later. Becoming a 007 (a title given to those who do not have a Vogue house) she took her time in perfecting her craft in Voguing fem performance. In 2016 she debuted as a member of the Iconic International House of Revlon Paris. Two years later, she was honoured with the title of Godmother Revlon, becoming a dominating force in the Female Figure Performance and FQ Performance categories

About Hungry:

Johannes Jaruraak is a drag queen from Berlin, Germany known for her distorted makeup persona, Hungry, who catches the eye of everyone, whether on Instagram or in person. Hungry has been touring with Björk, metamorphosing the Icelandic singer/songwriter into a character equally as weird and enchanting as Hungry’s own persona. The pair previously worked together on the make-up for the singer’s Utopia album in 2017.

About Body Language:

Body Language aims to bring care back to nightlife: care for the community, the music presented, and the artists, guests and staff that bring it to life. Body Language is a ‘Femmes to the Front’ space that wants to make you feel good. Emotional connection, musical curiosity, body positivity and carving out space for those who have felt left behind by traditional nightlife are at the core of what Body Language do.