Ukrainian brand Gaptuvalnya explores the limits of internal strength in the campaign of the new collection

A person’s personality is inseparable from his cultural identity, just as the future is not created without a close connection with the past. These ideas formed the basis of the new collection of the Gaptuvalnya brand, which examines traditional Ukrainian embroidery through the prism of modern values, aesthetic preferences and challenges.

The foundations of the brand concept are the idea that the traditional patterns of Ukrainian embroidery, created many generations ago, have much more than a purely aesthetic component. Embroidered clothing has long accompanied Ukrainians in every moment of their lives, giving them confidence, strength and a sense of belonging to something greater. Right now, Ukrainians need this energy every day more than ever: connecting with ancestors and realizing their own identity can give them confidence in future victory.

The inspiration for the campaign of the new collection was the image of a Ukrainian woman who had to transform her usual life at the beginning of the war. “We are paving our way and fighting for it, we are not afraid, we are brave and courageous. Because we are Ukrainians”, – explains the brand’s founder Natalia Gergeliuk. The name “Gaptuvalnya” comes from “haptuvaty” (to embroider with gold or silver)”. This word has two meanings: not only to embroider but also to “tread the path”, that is, to go your own way.

Founded in Ivano-Frankivsk, with the beginning of the war the brand not only did not stop working but also shared its workshop with brands from the affected regions, which had to leave their own production. In her collections, Gaptuvalnya emphasizes the appropriateness of a traditional embroidered shirt for any occasion – because respect for one’s own cultural identity is definitely due to every Ukrainian.