Ukrainian edgy brand Aisenberg presents its new denim collection. Proudly made in Ukraine

AISENBERG label officially launched in 2016, when young and daring entrepreneurs from Odesa, Ukraine studied in detail all secrets of jeans manufacturing. With her label, the founder is striving to innovate on denim production, taking a less harmful and more quality-oriented approach.

The inspiration behind a new AISENBERG collection came from native Odesa city and its beautiful harbour – a sunrise and sunset cycle, an open sea, unexpected beauty of industrial terminals, a yacht marina and a shipyard.

‘We look for inspiration everywhere on the shores of the Black sea’ says the Aisenberg founder Tanja Fedoseeva. Boats in the middle of the water and fishermen that bring the fresh catch of the day by early morning – can be named a much wider associative series, but these are some essential points to describe Odesa. What about the style of its inhabitants? The south lays down its laws: blue jeans with white bandeau crop top, blouse or Breton shirt – whatever you want – will take a win for a comfy and edgy marine outfit.

No wonder denim trousers are a direct link to the seaside towns, as the harbour workers in Genoa started to use a robust fabric called ‘Geanes fustian’ 400 years ago. Now it is a comfortable wardrobe hero of every human, and variations of jeans can be found in any store worldwide. From black to white, from straight to baggy boyfriends, some of them have become eye-catchers. There’s no need to splurge on a buzzy designer to find a pair of quality jeans, the local independent brands are always a sign of inclusive work – as AISENBERG demonstrates.

AISENBERG invites revising the look of the basic jeans by adding some elements for die-hard denim fans. Besides including only jeans in the collection, designers offer some denim clothes that are needed to break into every wardrobe: shorts, jackets, overalls and skirts. Don’t expect to see boring blue items, each clothes are made with its alternate zest: different colours, bleaches, silhouettes and unique garniture.