Ukrainian Sound Garden VI. Free Donation

Berliners unite! In these troubling times where far-right ideologies are resurging across Europe, it is more important than ever to show solidarity and support for one another. KALTBLUT invites you to a celebration of unity and resilience. This Sunday, immerse yourself in the Ukrainian Sound Garden Open Air event at Plötzensee!

Event Alert: Ukrainian Sound Garden Open Air

“Experience a 12-hour summer extravaganza featuring eclectic music performances from Pavel Plastikk, Habitat Shaking, helleroid, and more, spanning three stages. Dive into a kaleidoscope of sounds—from contemporary jazz and modern hip-hop to indie rock, progressive house, and breaks.

But that’s not all. Our event also includes a thrilling football championship between Berlin NGOs and a modern twist on a traditional Ukrainian barbecue. Indulge in authentic Ukrainian cuisine, snag some unique merch, or maybe even get a tattoo. Participate in unique experiences like tea and cacao ceremonies, learn about mushroom microdosing in a curated workshop, and spend quality time with our community.”

As the sun sets, prepare to be enchanted by the mysterious post-traditional Kupailo Performance by Plötzensee Lake—an experience not to be missed.

“This edition of the Ukrainian Sound Garden aims to support the resilient people of the Kharkiv region, who bravely keep their cities and towns alive despite daily hardship. Our fundraising goal is set at 8000 Euros, to contribute to a fully-equipped bomb-shelter school for 400 children in Ukraine, as part of the Vitsche campaign.”

Join this Sunday, June 16th from 12:00 to 23:00 at Plötzensee to amplify this mission of solidarity through your presence and donations. Discover contemporary Ukrainian culture, partake in exciting outdoor activities, and support a noble cause. This event is part of Fußballkultursommer, supporting Euro 2024 in Berlin.

Doors: 12:00 – 23:00
Entry: Free Donation

Event Highlights

Together, we can make a difference. See you there!