Under Construction

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Louise Toovey. Fashion by Fanni Varga. Styling by Annavirág Klausz. Makeup by Simone Svantnerova. Hair by Darcie Harvey and Edoardo Colasant.

“The Editorial ‘Under Construction’, explores and emphasizes the playful nature of fashion image-making and post-production. Featuring models from D1 the editorial plays with compositions and layering, as-well-as removing and replacing parts of images to create new, constructed images and stories.”

Photography by Louise Toovey @lo.uiset
Designer/Fashion/ Fanni Varga @byvarga
Styling by Annavirág Klausz @annaviragklausz
Makeup by Simone Svantnerova @simonasvantnerova_
Hair by Darcie Harvey @darcieharveyhair // Edoardo Colasanti @edocohair


Jennifer @d1models// @jennifermalengele
Elaine @d1models// @eelainekwok
Rikkeda @d1models// @kkedaofficial
Sebrina @d1models// @sebrinaauma