UNIT LONDON presents Homebodies: Now Live on Voices

art work by Gori Mora www.artsy.net/artwork/gori-mora-tudy-of-a-room

#OnlineExhibition – Now open, the group exhibition Homebodies explores our ever-evolving psychological relationships to domestic spaces and, through them, ourselves.

Traditionally considered a feminine realm and unworthy of representation, the home is central to the work of contemporary artists Emily Mannion, Gregor, Gori Mora, Jess Allen, Judith Grassl, Mia Pauline Hause and Nina Raber-Urgessa.


The exhibition takes post-impressionist artist Édouard Vuillard’s The Linen Cupboard (c. 1893) as its reference point, exploring how perceptions of domesticity have evolved between then and now. Seen through the eyes of these seven contemporary artists, home becomes a nuanced realm that reflects both the social challenges and individual solaces of our present moment.

Read the essay “Édouard Vuillard and the Context of Representing Domesticity” by assistant curator Rose Pickering.