Unrequited Love

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Leilani Nordin. Model is Per Tao Sohrabi signed at MIKAs. Make up by Lisa Rönnqvist. Photographer’s Assistant is Cecilia Halldén. Make-up Brands used are MAC, Bioderma, Laura Mercier and Grimas.

Leilani Nordin is a conceptual photographer drawn to the beauty of simplicity. Naturally fascinated by all things out of the ordinary, once her mind fixates on an idea, a concept, a place or a thing, she won’t let it go until she processes it through her camera.

In this series, Leilani explores unrequited love and its emotional journey. A young man finds himself blissfully torn and confused by loving someone who does not love him back. The looks evolve as he confronts his emotions, while his love interest is revealed in the physical treatment of prints. Both digital and analogue techniques are used to express the tangible and intangible qualities of love and the beauty concealed in its imperfection.

Photography by Leilani Nordin / www.lmon.se / Instagram: @lmon.se
Model is Per Tao Sohrabi signed at MIKAs / Instagram: @per8868 @mikasstockholm
Make up by Lisa Rönnqvist / www.lisasminkar.com / Instagram: @lisasminkar
Photographer’s Assistant is Cecilia Halldén / Instagram: @hldnphotos

Make-up Brands Used

MAC @maccosmetics / Bioderma @biodermasweden / Laura Mercier @lauramercier / Grimas @grimasofficial