UNSCENE – City of Dark

Performers, artists, dancers, cultural institutions and filmmakers came together to reveal what has remained mostly unseen not only during this crisis: the importance and diversity of art and culture in our society.

The short film UNSCENE offers a glimpse into the beauty and range of the cultural panorama that surrounds us. Works of art, and their perception, cannot be separated from their context.

cray cray productions by Holger Talinski

As filmmakers, we have the responsibility to create work to raise awareness regarding issues of social or cultural injustice. Together we have the power to reach even more people to work on a more tolerant and open-minded society


Examples of fringe cultures capturing the popular imagination are manifold: from Andy Warhol to Banksy, to artists like Lady Gaga, our fascination with the unseen cannot be ignored. But too often, works that study society’s hidden corners are only raised to the status of artistic relevance if they become mainstream or are examined in hindsight.

Produced by cray cray productions and directed by Sonder, the film fosters discussion about preserving cultural landscapes, with all of their different facets and public spaces. UNSCENE asks the viewer to consider the value and necessity of art and culture in our modern society.

SONDER by Jalaludin Trautmann

UNSCENE should encourage to rethink common labels and to open up for what we consider being art and culture. Therefore it was important to provide an aesthetic artificial stage for the performers and to create an artistic way to bring together their thoughts to come up with a strong statement which is understood and could reach even people from outside that (sub)culture.