Valen Madanes – Nadie tiene que saberlo

An adolescent love story, so fleeting and strong that it only lives in memory. Valen Madanes presents her new single and video: Nadie tiene que saberlo (Nobody Has to Know). The young composer and multi-instrumentalist of only 21 years old continues to present her music and stands out as one of the new international music promises.​

“Nadie tiene que saberlo (Nobody Has to Know) represents the parallel universe that exists in each bond and the simplicity that exists when there is love” Valen Madanes. The 2 Minute, Music-Clip was filmed in Argentina, Buenos Aires. Directed by Alexan Sarikamichian and Guido Barbosch.

Valen Madanes began to share her passion for music through Instagram where she quickly gained recognition by broadcasting covers of greatest hits. Today it gathers more than 1 million followers. In her 20s, this young and talented artist who discovered music at the age of 6 when she learned to play the guitar and later the piano, encouraged herself to more and presented her first songs of her own.

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Dirección: @alexan_sar and @guidobarbosch
Jefa de Producción: @lailamaugeri
Asis. de Producción: @galeanotami
Asis. de Dirección: @nachofinkelstein
Dirección de Arte: @karenzeneckell y @mariamagdalenadiez
Asis. de Arte: @tomdeufo
Dirección de Fotografía: @joacocastro_
Foquista: @naicolperren
Gaffer: @claobarrio
Montaje: @delfimosconi_
Maquillaje: @belusaenz
Peinado: @gabooescobar
Actor: @comunistaenojad0
Foto Fija: @bernatpaul
Backstage: @raw.avla
Animación & dg: @anormalme
Diseño de Tapa: @mariodron