Valentino presents the new Pre Fall 2022 campaign collection named “Portrait of a Generation”

Valentino Promenade Fall 2022 womenswear collection and Valentino After Club Fall 2022 menswear collection, take signatures from Valentino’s heritage and put them in a fresh light: stripes and zebra prints, capes and blouses, prints and embroideries.

“When Mr Valentino started designing, there were so many rules for how you wore clothes,” says Piccioli. “Now, fashion is about self-realization. This collection is shifting Valentino to this new world, giving new meaning to the codes and values.”

Piccioli’s work is based on the heritage, the new generation, and his own point of view. “I like that these designs have a sense of freedom,” he says, “forgetting rules and going into the next chapter in a very freeway.”