Van de Rocker reveals new video for ‘Kissing Booth’

Coming straight from Van de Rocker’s debut album ‘Jupiter’s Kiss’ (expected to be released this summer), is the stunning new video for ‘Kissing Booth’.  Guaranteed to get you in the mood for catching some rays this summer, VDR’s video for ‘Kissing Booth’ is a hazy surfer-rock dream filled with smoke, flashing lights and of course, a beach. Paying a fine homage to the B-52s and almost every Californian based band, VDR is set to be big this year.


“With flashes of light and fading smoke covered scenery – the video dips in and out of a trance-like state which awakens dark undertones as-though otherworldly hallucinogens were responsible. It centres around a kissing booth that seems to be consuming people, leaving only a feeling of overwhelming euphoria as the energy spills out of the kissing booth and back into the world. A person’s experience of the kissing booth depends on their views and comfortability with the world of love, sensuality, and connectedness.” Directing credit goes to music video auteur, Matt Mahurin. His incredible use of imagery showcase the happy kind of ripple effect that comes from feeding the needs of the body and soul.